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Building Institute

The Building Institute is UL Lafayette’s integrated project delivery, design-build program. The program brings architecture students, architects, engineers and contractors together in the design and construction of single-family, market-rate homes. The homes are built on infill property in the urban core neighborhoods of Lafayette, Louisiana and then publically sold at a market-rate. Students work hand-in-hand with local contractors to build the homes which achieve sustainability standards such as the National Homebuilder’s Green Building Standard or LEED. The Building Institute is structured through a graduate design studio in the fall, a construction documents course in the spring and the construction course in the summer. Students receive academic credit for each course and in addition, several team leaders receive paid summer internships allowing them to accrue IDP credit. The Building Institute is not a simulation- it is hyper-reality. As architect-developers, the students become agents of change.


(All in Lafayette, Louisiana)


1. 2002‐2005 Cousson House, Vermilionville: Historic Restoration of 1850’s home ($70,000)


2. 2003‐2006 Acadiana Outreach Center: 15 installations / renovations / constructions ($200,000)

Parasol Bench


Parking Sentinels


Garden Gazebo


Storage Wall


WellMart Facade


Meditation Garden


Garden Gate


Performance Space


Parking Lot




WellMart Depot Lighting and Shelving


Lectern Canopy




Painted Paving


Overhead Entry Gate


3. 2005 Hurricane Toys: CNC Cut Games for Hurricane Katrina & Rita Evacuees


4. 2005‐2007 Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana: Playground (S), tensile fabric basketball court cover


5. 2007 Nil 90 Steel Installation Fletcher Hall: lighting and seating in university entrance-way



6. 2007‐2009 Solar Decathlon, BeauSoleil Louisiana Solar Home

(Received in grants and fund‐raised $509,730 in cash and $498,954 in in‐ kind goods and services.)


7. 2010‐2011 Louida’s Home, Habitat for Humanity Prototype Home, Lafayette, LA ($73,271)


8. 2010‐2011 EVENT house: Market‐Rate Neighborhood Infill House


9. 2011‐2012 NEXThouse: Market‐Rate Neighborhood Infill House


10. 2012‐2013 Yoshonna’s House, Habitat for Humanity Prototype Home


11. 2012‐2014 COURhouse: Market‐Rate Neighborhood Infill House


12. 2013‐2014 Wanda’s House Habitat for Humanity Prototype Home


13. 2013‐2014 Natasha’s House Habitat for Humanity Prototype Home


14. 2014‐2015 Camelia Art Park Gridshell Pavilion

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