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Lafayette, Louisiana


The EVENThouse was the first market-rate, sustainable home in the UL Lafayette Building Institute’s Neighborhood Infill Program which was designed and built in the 2010-2011. Its name comes from the student’s interpretation of the program as a place for the events of life. The home demonstrates a unique public-private partnership whereby a public trust lends money to the university who in turns serves as architect and developer- designing, building and selling the home. A local contractor worked in tandem with the students. In this unique project delivery system, students are actively involved through participation and decision-making with all the design/construction entities. The UL Lafayette Building Institute is structured through a graduate design studio in the fall, a construction documents course in the spring and a construction course in the summer. Students receive academic credit for each course and in addition, several team leaders receive paid summer internships allowing them to accrue IDP credit. The EVENThouse sets a precedent in the at-risk neighborhood it was built by being the first new home built in over 30 years and by achieving the National Green Building Standard level of Silver while remaining market-rate. In this way, the home serves as a sales “comp” for the real estate market where there was none before, thus easing the way for future green projects.


Project Delivery:

Design-bid-build (Students designed the project, produced construction drawings, bid the project, and worked with a contractor to build the home) 50% students and 50% contractors/subcontractors.


Square Footage:

1,350 SF interior , 580 sf covered porches



$155,000 (w/o land)


Design Duration:

August 2010 to June 2011 = 250 days


Construction Duration:

June 2011 to April 2012 = 315 days



Lafayette Public Trust Financing Authority (Financing)

Ragin’ Cajun Facilities Inc. (Owner)


Faculty Leads:

W. Geoff Gjertson, AIA, Professor


Other Faculty:

Onezieme Mouton


Supporters and Donors:

Arceneaux Construction Group


LA Solar Solutions



Graham Goodyear


Mike Reid


Stephanie Bordelon


Kyle Comeaux


(+ 10 other students during construction)

UL Lafayette School of Architecture and Design
PO Box 42811 . Lafayette, LA . 70504