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Building Institute

The Building Institute is UL Lafayette’s integrated project delivery, design-build program. The program brings architecture students, architects, engineers and contractors together in the design and construction of single-family, market-rate homes. The homes are built on infill property in the urban core neighborhoods of Lafayette, Louisiana and then publically sold at a market-rate. Students work hand-in-hand with local contractors to build the homes which achieve sustainability standards such as the National Homebuilder’s Green Building Standard or LEED. The Building Institute is structured through a graduate design studio in the fall, a construction documents course in the spring and the construction course in the summer. Students receive academic credit for each course and in addition, several team leaders receive paid summer internships allowing them to accrue IDP credit. The Building Institute is not a simulation- it is hyper-reality. As architect-developers, the students become agents of change.
Building Institute
Building Institute13/02/2018 @ 19:12
Happy Mardi Gras!
Building of the Day: Lady Cilento Hospital, Australia.
Building Institute
Building Institute added 19 new photos.11/02/2018 @ 10:44
Building of the Day: Villa Le Lac a.k.a. La Petite Maison by Le Corbusier for his parents in Corseaux, Switzerland, 1923.
Building Institute
Building Institute added 8 new photos.08/02/2018 @ 21:28
Design A, the out-of-the-box home, soon to have a much more evocative name, is the starting concept for the shipping container home we will build with Habitat this summer. Can't wait!
Building Institute
Building Institute08/02/2018 @ 19:17
Design B has a huge wrap around porch!
Building Institute
Building Institute08/02/2018 @ 11:33
My students and I will be building a container house in the McComb-Veazey neighborhood for Habitat for Humanity this summer. Help us select the design by liking your favorite of 2 designs. This is Container House Design A (plan to be posted soon)!

AO Parking

Acadiana Outreach Center

Parking Lot

Lafayette, Louisiana


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In the Fall of 2003, the Center’s director, requested the help of the School of Architecture in designing a storage system to aid in organizing donations; however, as a result of several visits to the site–a city block full of sprawled and disconnected structures–the students and faculty observed a terrible contradiction: while the Center’s mission is “Giving People Back Their God-Given Dignity,” the physical environment and facilities were depressing, coarse, and spiritually degrading. After an initial master plan the students immediate began building small installations which eventually led to several large scale projects.


Working alongside a local contractor, the students designed and built a parking lot for 12 cars with handicapped parking spaces. The parking area is complemented with landscaping, signage, and painted bollards. The project was completed in summer 2005.

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