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Building Institute

The Building Institute is UL Lafayette’s integrated project delivery, design-build program. The program brings architecture students, architects, engineers and contractors together in the design and construction of single-family, market-rate homes. The homes are built on infill property in the urban core neighborhoods of Lafayette, Louisiana and then publically sold at a market-rate. Students work hand-in-hand with local contractors to build the homes which achieve sustainability standards such as the National Homebuilder’s Green Building Standard or LEED. The Building Institute is structured through a graduate design studio in the fall, a construction documents course in the spring and the construction course in the summer. Students receive academic credit for each course and in addition, several team leaders receive paid summer internships allowing them to accrue IDP credit. The Building Institute is not a simulation- it is hyper-reality. As architect-developers, the students become agents of change.
Building Institute
Building Institute11/12/2014 @ 21:14
US Green Building Council - Louisiana
2014 Sustainability Champions Announced

Congratulations to our 2014 Louisiana Sustainability Leadership Award Winners. Read more at www.usgbclouisiana.org

Community Champion:
Erin Ryerson
Verges Rome Architects, New Orleans

Community Championship Team:
Geoff Gjertson & University of Louisiana at Lafayette,
School of Architecture and Design

Operational Excellence Champion:
Green Coast Enterprises
New Orleans

Innovation Champion:
Roy O'Martin
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Building Institute
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Building Institute
Building Institute05/12/2014 @ 20:37
Final Review of Camellia Gridshell at the ACA today.
Home Run! Congratulations #teamgridshell !
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Building Institute
Building Institute03/12/2014 @ 22:33
Trying out some cladding ideas #teamgridshell
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Building Institute
Building Institute03/12/2014 @ 22:16
Video- alignment and edge beams
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